Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 20 Walk 4 Life. South Bronx

Day 20 was a special day for me. It had been a while since I had been around my old stomping grounds. Though I met hip hop in Puerto Rico in 1978 it was here on Forest Ave. that I started to live it. I did my first head spin here when I started break dancing in the early 80's amongst a lot of other things. I have a lot of good memories as well as not so good ones but it's all good now. I had actually spent the night in Jersey. My boy JB of Arcane had picked me up from Port Authority in Manhattan and drove me to where my car has been parked since I left for the walk. I slept in my car for a few hours then hopped on the first bus to New York about 6am. I walked to the bus stop. That's right, I stayed true. I got to NYC about 6:50 and jumped on the 2 train. I was excited to be home. I was so excited I got off the train at 149th Street and Third Ave. I did a lot of shopping on Third Ave back in the day. Anyway yea from Third Ave. I walked nearly across the entire South Bronx passing Forest Ave. my old block and onto where the event I was attending was. It was about a 7 mile walk. I loved every step of it. When I first moved to Forest Ave. hip hop was pretty much only found in the Bronx that's my word. I lived there till it hit all 5 boroughs and creeped into New Jersey pretty much. It was an honor to be back to now sit on a panel to discuss bringing hip hop into schools as a tool for teaching kids. All praise due to hip hop.

The panel discussion went very well, I met some really dope people that really cared about kids just as I do. I love kids and hope to one day do more for kids than I already do, our future. After how I use hip hop to fight for prisoners rights and against capital punishment as well as all injustices I took part in a workshop where I learned a lot of vital techniques I can use to further my mission.

I didn't stay long after the work shop I gave out stickers and buttons and hit the streets. I needed to get back to North Carolina. I bid my goodbyes and I was out. This truly was a day I will never forget.

On this day I walked 4 Arthur Taylor.

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