Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 18 Walk 4 Life

After a couple of rough days it was good for me to be with my moms. I can't tell you what my moms means to me, she is the Queen of Queens in my life. It is my moms that showed me what unconditional love is. My daughter of course solidified the meaning of unconditional love for me but yea moms was my teacher.
This woman no matter what I put her put her through, no matter what I did where I went where I was sent what I said or stood for loved me, prayed non-stop for me and never gave up hope in me. She always believed in me no matter what. No one stood by me as my moms did. My sis was a close second but ma dukes was one of if not the reason why I am still alive and here today. Her prayers and faith is what I believe protected me through years on the streets in some of the roughest spots known. Through 4 prison riots, 2 prison gang wars and only God knows how many fights at least 100, not including police and corrections officers beatings never being fatally wounded.
My moms prayers came true when my eyes finally opened and I started to wake up from the deep sleep I was in. When I finally broke the devil's yoke from around my throat yes my mothers prayers were answered. Took over 25 years but they were answered, make note of that, 25 years. Makes me think of Nelson Mandela. His prayers were answered after 27 years in prison. Incredible man.
I began drawing strength from my moms from the first hug believe that. I woke up pretty early and she was already up cooking. I lost about 13 pounds on the first leg of this walk. I ate plenty but walking 30 to 40 miles a day just burns off fat like nothing. I knew I would gain at least 10 of it back before leaving North Carolina. Anyway I had a lot to do this day, so I ate and then hit the road.
I was just putting miles in seeing I was not near my route. I was preparing for my trip to the Bronx which was important to me. I just walked along rural NC roads, praying and reflecting on the days past. I grew stronger with every step as I re-set my focus. I don't know how many miles I walked this day but what I do remember is noticing my main cell phone was off. I quickly turned it on and it began to vibrate like crazy letting me know I had mail. The first message I read nearly stopped my breathing; the supreme court had went insane.
I was trying to reach Texas before the supreme court made their decision on the constitutionality of capital punishment, but it came down sooner than I had expected. It shouldn't have come as a surprise but it did. I had hope what can I say. I didn't lose hope though for I know in life anything that is worth something does not, and will not come easy.
After reading this e-mail I turned around and headed back to my moms house. I wanted to tell all those following the walk not to lose hope, not to give up. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but my gears were turning. By the time I reached the house some 3 hours later it came to me, film an emergency blog and ask my man Big Mike to get it on the Internet as fast as possible. Big Mike has a BIG heart let me tell you. He said not a problem just get them to me, I did just that.
I filmed the blogs and edited them. I was having two problems getting them to Mike, slow connection and my moms kept feeding me. I finally got them to Big Mike and sure enough they were up and running in no time at all, he is a good brother. There's a lot to this decision I won't get into right now, like all my blogs this is just an outline of my day. I will detail every single day when I have time after the walk so please keep it locked here. Trust me every single day is being tattooed on my brain. I will never forget for each day has had it's incredible moments, special moments and I will share every one of them. I just don't type fast enough to detail everyday as I go along.
I spent most of the rest of this day getting ready to leave for New York. I wanted to fly but it cost way to much. The train was to expensive as well so I arranged to take Greyhound. I did some work and got some rest knowing this trip was going to be demanding.
On this day I walked and worked 4 Teresa Lewis - Virginia death row


christyntruman06 said...

The SCOTUS surprised us all with the news so early!! I was not expecting anything until this summer, but here it is!! We will continue to fight and bring the noise!!

In The Struggle With You,

FreedomWarFighter said...

You are blessed. Keep it up!