Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 4 Walk 4 Life

Day 4 was tough, it was the first day I walked alone without roadside assistance. It was tough because like after being dropped off where I stopped the night before a few miles into Maryland, I began to walk in what I thought was the wrong direction after about a mile and a half. I turned around only to realize I was going the right way, it was not a good way to start, but I just thought of my welcome the night before.
After loading up my gear in his car Malprak finished his day at work and scooped me up. I don't get to see mt brotha as often as I would like to so it was great to him. He was great. He grabbed us some dinner on the way to house. He loaded me up with carbs for the next day and we hung out with some of buddies. We were later joined by my dear friend Sonia who had set up some events for me at the University of Maryland coming up on day 5 of the walk. It was a great evening.
I walked alone but Malprak check on me every couple of hours as did Sonia and a host of others. I just zoned my thoughts on all the prisoners on death row. I know all to well how it feels to be locked in a cage. I prayed non stop for Norman Parker Florida Death row. I also thought of the children I was on my way to meet in Annapolis, Maryland where my good friend Tim, Malprak's brother had set up an event for me. I was determined to reach my destiny. See I needed to get to Annapolis a day earlier than I first planned. I had to walk in double time.
At one point I was walking along route 40 and an older gentleman pulled over and offered me a ride. I told him thank you but I am walking to Texas to bring attention to the death penalty. He said God bless you son and drove off. I then noticed that he pulled over again. I walked up to him and he reached out handing me a ball of money. He said, get yourself something to drink son and God bless you. I was near tears as I said God bless you back and he drove off. I didn't even look at how much he gave me till I got to a little convenience store where I bought a snack and something to drink. It was eleven dollars bless him. Not long after I left that store I came upon a bridge I was not allowed to walk over. I had to get a cab. The cabbie charged me five dollars to cross the bridge and I tipped him a dollar. With the drink and snack I bought, the cab ride and tip it came out to, yea, eleven dollars. God is something else. More later. Peace and God bless.
Norman Parker - Florida Death row. Keep ya head up!


christyntruman06 said...

X, There are so many people that believe in what you are doing! Angels are with you, my friend!
In The Struggle With You,

thinkinkmesa said...

Chrisy...that is so true...
"X" stay safe and strong...everyone at Mom's church has you in prayer, as do we.
Thanks for sharing the journey!