Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 20 Walk 4 Life. South Bronx

Day 20 was a special day for me. It had been a while since I had been around my old stomping grounds. Though I met hip hop in Puerto Rico in 1978 it was here on Forest Ave. that I started to live it. I did my first head spin here when I started break dancing in the early 80's amongst a lot of other things. I have a lot of good memories as well as not so good ones but it's all good now. I had actually spent the night in Jersey. My boy JB of Arcane had picked me up from Port Authority in Manhattan and drove me to where my car has been parked since I left for the walk. I slept in my car for a few hours then hopped on the first bus to New York about 6am. I walked to the bus stop. That's right, I stayed true. I got to NYC about 6:50 and jumped on the 2 train. I was excited to be home. I was so excited I got off the train at 149th Street and Third Ave. I did a lot of shopping on Third Ave back in the day. Anyway yea from Third Ave. I walked nearly across the entire South Bronx passing Forest Ave. my old block and onto where the event I was attending was. It was about a 7 mile walk. I loved every step of it. When I first moved to Forest Ave. hip hop was pretty much only found in the Bronx that's my word. I lived there till it hit all 5 boroughs and creeped into New Jersey pretty much. It was an honor to be back to now sit on a panel to discuss bringing hip hop into schools as a tool for teaching kids. All praise due to hip hop.

The panel discussion went very well, I met some really dope people that really cared about kids just as I do. I love kids and hope to one day do more for kids than I already do, our future. After how I use hip hop to fight for prisoners rights and against capital punishment as well as all injustices I took part in a workshop where I learned a lot of vital techniques I can use to further my mission.

I didn't stay long after the work shop I gave out stickers and buttons and hit the streets. I needed to get back to North Carolina. I bid my goodbyes and I was out. This truly was a day I will never forget.

On this day I walked 4 Arthur Taylor.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 19 Walk 4 Life. Leave the driving 2 who?

Day 19 I woke up way before the sun and got dropped off in downtown Raleigh for my trip up north to participate in the H2A Hip Hop festival in the Bronx. H2A or Hip Hop Association is about facilitating, fostering and preserving the hip hop culture. It's a non-profit organization dedicated to serving educators and those committed to reaching youth through hip hop culture which is what I do. I educate youth and adults about our criminal justice system, about the history of prisons and about capital punishment. This three day festival was held at the Ralph Hernandez School of performing arts in the South Bronx about 7 or 8 blocks from my old neighborhood. Let me tell you it was an honor for me to be invited to sit on a panel to share what I have been doing world wide with hip hop as well as what I am currently doing, the Walk 4 Life.
Because I was taking a bus up north didn't mean I was taking a break, as soon as I was dropped off at the bus station I went to work giving out buttons and fliers as I explained what I was doing to anyone that would give me moment of their time, the struggle never seizes for me. As long as I have brotha's and sista's locked in cages waiting to be murdered, I will not seize.
On a daily basis I find it amazing that I continuously find myself talking to people that don't agree with capital punishment. Now I know there are cold heartless people that do agree with this barbaric act but I feel that the majority of Americans don't not agree. Now the media states that we are divided by 60% pro and 40% against. I believe these polls are most likely taken in areas that consist of those people I never see, those people that get the tax breaks, those people that live in areas where the police actually server and protect, not where they prey on human beings. I believe if these polls were taken where common folk live and in the ghettos across America a different story would be told. I believe just like in the days of the civil rights movement where they held voter registrations in poor areas, we need to hold death penalty opponent registrations. I think that many people that may be against the death penalty remain silent out of fear. Now if they witness large numbers of death penalty opponents gathering together in unity their fear will subside. Death penalty opponents are about life and love, compassion and reconciliation how can this not attract people. They just need to see us out in numbers. Most importantly politicians need to see us out in numbers. Politicians are attracted to large organized groups of registered voters. Not only this politicians that agree with death penalty opponents would feel more confident to step up and speak out knowing they would be backed by the people. Uniting out on the streets of America is the only way we will counter the effects of the fear the media instills in Americans. I also believe that believe that by uniting in such way in solidarity would also cause a ripple effect that would also see a drop in violent crimes. Young men and women across America that feel abandoned would surly be attracted by such a powerful unification of the people.
After boarding onto my bus I quickly set up my lap top and got to work tackling my never ending e-mails. It is amazing just how many people around the world have been responding to the walk 4 life. I pray that this momentum does not slow down till we see victory.
From Raleigh, North Carolina our first stop was at a Burger King. This was about two hours after hitting the open road. We were allowed 20 minutes to get something to eat and use the rest rooms, smoke and stretch our legs. I used this time to reach more people. At times I feel like I am on the campaign trail running for president. Yes I pet dogs and kiss babies too. If allowed I'd pin a Don't Kill For Me button on a babies diaper. We have to get them young before they are programed to believe it's ok to kill in the name of justice.
Not more than ten minutes after pulling out of the rest stop the bus had a blow out. Let me tell you people were not happy at all. It wasn't so much that we had a blow out, it was the fact that the tire was really bald. We could not understand how this tire made it passed inspection. It was a retreaded tire. The way our economy is everyone is trying to cut corners to save money. I don't think buses should be allowed to use retreaded tires especially after being told by the bus driver that if it had been a front tire we most likely would have flipped over. I stood there in shock when he told me and a few other passengers that a front tire blow out makes buses flip. Amtrak was looking pretty good at that moment.
We were paid a little visit by state troopers as we waited for a repair truck to come out and fix the flat tire. This set us back about 2 hours I was not happy at all; none of the passengers were happy.
After the tire was fixed we reached Richmond Virgina where we were asked to get off of the bus. We were given little information as to where to go. I chose this particular bus because there were to be no changes. Well because of the flat we were made to not only change buses, we had to wait some three hours. I felt like I was flying AA. Anyway at the Richmond station I noticed a large number of prisoners waiting for buses on their home. How do I know they were prisoners? Because I was one of them at one time. The state clothes given to prisoners are easy to recognize. As I watched them walk around confused I wondered how many of them would make it in the free world knowing they were released with nothing. When I say nothing I mean no money, no job and no education or rehabilitation. I prayed for them.
I walked around and spoke to a number of people again receiving nothing but positive reactions. Keep in mind I was amongst the poor here. I don't think people of wealth ride the bus. They may leave their driving to others but it's most likely chauffeurs. Anyway three hours later I was on my way once again back up north.
The flat tire got me to New York City about three and a half hours later than I had expected. But after all was said and done it felt good to be home even if it was only for one day.

Day 18 Walk 4 Life

After a couple of rough days it was good for me to be with my moms. I can't tell you what my moms means to me, she is the Queen of Queens in my life. It is my moms that showed me what unconditional love is. My daughter of course solidified the meaning of unconditional love for me but yea moms was my teacher.
This woman no matter what I put her put her through, no matter what I did where I went where I was sent what I said or stood for loved me, prayed non-stop for me and never gave up hope in me. She always believed in me no matter what. No one stood by me as my moms did. My sis was a close second but ma dukes was one of if not the reason why I am still alive and here today. Her prayers and faith is what I believe protected me through years on the streets in some of the roughest spots known. Through 4 prison riots, 2 prison gang wars and only God knows how many fights at least 100, not including police and corrections officers beatings never being fatally wounded.
My moms prayers came true when my eyes finally opened and I started to wake up from the deep sleep I was in. When I finally broke the devil's yoke from around my throat yes my mothers prayers were answered. Took over 25 years but they were answered, make note of that, 25 years. Makes me think of Nelson Mandela. His prayers were answered after 27 years in prison. Incredible man.
I began drawing strength from my moms from the first hug believe that. I woke up pretty early and she was already up cooking. I lost about 13 pounds on the first leg of this walk. I ate plenty but walking 30 to 40 miles a day just burns off fat like nothing. I knew I would gain at least 10 of it back before leaving North Carolina. Anyway I had a lot to do this day, so I ate and then hit the road.
I was just putting miles in seeing I was not near my route. I was preparing for my trip to the Bronx which was important to me. I just walked along rural NC roads, praying and reflecting on the days past. I grew stronger with every step as I re-set my focus. I don't know how many miles I walked this day but what I do remember is noticing my main cell phone was off. I quickly turned it on and it began to vibrate like crazy letting me know I had mail. The first message I read nearly stopped my breathing; the supreme court had went insane.
I was trying to reach Texas before the supreme court made their decision on the constitutionality of capital punishment, but it came down sooner than I had expected. It shouldn't have come as a surprise but it did. I had hope what can I say. I didn't lose hope though for I know in life anything that is worth something does not, and will not come easy.
After reading this e-mail I turned around and headed back to my moms house. I wanted to tell all those following the walk not to lose hope, not to give up. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but my gears were turning. By the time I reached the house some 3 hours later it came to me, film an emergency blog and ask my man Big Mike to get it on the Internet as fast as possible. Big Mike has a BIG heart let me tell you. He said not a problem just get them to me, I did just that.
I filmed the blogs and edited them. I was having two problems getting them to Mike, slow connection and my moms kept feeding me. I finally got them to Big Mike and sure enough they were up and running in no time at all, he is a good brother. There's a lot to this decision I won't get into right now, like all my blogs this is just an outline of my day. I will detail every single day when I have time after the walk so please keep it locked here. Trust me every single day is being tattooed on my brain. I will never forget for each day has had it's incredible moments, special moments and I will share every one of them. I just don't type fast enough to detail everyday as I go along.
I spent most of the rest of this day getting ready to leave for New York. I wanted to fly but it cost way to much. The train was to expensive as well so I arranged to take Greyhound. I did some work and got some rest knowing this trip was going to be demanding.
On this day I walked and worked 4 Teresa Lewis - Virginia death row

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 17 Walk 4 Life

Day 17 was just one of them days let me tell you. I woke up before the came up and hit the road to get some miles in before I was to be picked up at 10am I did about 20 miles at high speed non-stop. The first sign that it was going to be one of them days was when I went to film while I was walking. Don't know what happened but the battery in my camera was dead. Some how it did not charge let me tell you I was not happy. I also didn't time my walking time correctly and got back to the hotel later than I expected. I ended up rushing around to get my gear packed and out on the side walk before 10am. I got it done though; then I proceeded to check out of the hotel. At about five minutes to 10 the driver that was to pick me up called me; he was lost. We spoke briefly and he said, "ok see you in a few minutes". By 11am we had talked about 15 more times. I asked him if he was from the area or not, he assured me he was. It wasn't like the hotel was hidden it sat right on a major state highway I was not happy at all let me tell you. I tried to keep my cool, but I was slowly losing it.
The final conversation with the driver of this car service was at about 11:30 am, this is when the driver realized he was looking for me not just in the wrong town, he was in the wrong state. I was in Danville, Virginia looking to go to Reidsville, North Carolina. He was in Durham, North Carolina at least 50 to 60 miles away. I could not believe it. I called this in the day before, said the address at least twice. To make matters worse the driver said he would not come pick me up because he would not make anything off the fare seeing he already drove 50 to 60 miles like it was my fault. Here I was with all my gear sitting out on the sidewalk.
I didn't want to check back into the hotel so I did what I really didn't want to do, I called a local cab company. Well let me tell you, they were asking for near 30% more than the car service wanted, but I had no choice. The taxi took about an hour to get there. I load all my gear into the mini van, and the driver tells me he needs to collect the fare before we leave. I was like bro, I have 8 bags, what do you think I am going to do, run? He says it's policy, what ever! I have never been robbed in all my life on the streets but I felt as if I was robbed for the amount they charged me, but at least I was on my way, I was finally in North Carolina with my gear.
I quickly checked in and hit the road. I walked another 15 miles. I'll tell you, the 15 miles did me good. I was so pissed off you just don't know. By the time I got back to my hotel though, I was calm and relaxed, thank God.
The entire time I was that I was trying to get my gear 26 miles over the state line I was also trying to secure help for the next leg of the walk. I was heading towards the Raleigh Durham area where I was to meet with some press, News 14 and stop in to visit my moms, sister, and my two little nephews. I planned on leaving my gear with my family seeing my 2 day break was coming up quick, I was to travel back up north to New York to attend a conference in the South Bronx. I say an hour after finishing my 15 mile walk my boy Monte Smith calls me up and says he can move my gear ahead but it would have to be in the next few hours; I had just checked in to this hotel now, but I couldn't say no, I didn't want to find myself stuck again. I had accumulated enough miles to be driven to Durham but I decided it would be best if Monte would just take me and my gear straight to Raleigh. I wasn't happy at all with wasting money on the room, but I was feeling desperate and alone, I didn't want to take any chances at this point in time, I was to leave for New York on the 18th and up until that point I hadn't heard back from anyone I had connected with in North Carolina, I felt I was doing the right thing.
Monte sure was a life saver in truth. My brother made a huge sacrifice and this is what is needed in this struggle, sacrifice. He left work early risking his livelihood first off and then drove a total of 6 hours at least round trip to get me to Willow Spring, North Carolina just outside of Raleigh to my moms house. I have a lot of respect for Monte truly. I got to my moms house and set up my gear and went to work.

On this day I walked for: Gerald Marshall - death row Texas.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 16 Walk 4 Life

As I walk and make my way to the heart of America's murder machine God sends me signs. To many they may just be street signs or whatever but they are without question proof to me that God is walking with me. It's what I am thinking at the very moment I pass a sign like the one above there that makes it incredible to me. It is also where these signs are that makes all doubt disappear. God wanted this walk to take place. For those that don't believe in God it's ok, just know that a force greater than myself is driving me and many others in an incredible way and no matter the outcome a lot of good is coming from this walk.
On day 16 I was basically still stuck, needing someone to move my gear across the North Carolina border. I had worked until about 2am in the morning and still woke up at 4am. I laced up my sneakers and set out to pound the ground as my brother Sarge puts it. I walked for about 5 hours non stop about 18 miles ending back at the hotel where my gear was. I then got on my phone trying to find a way to move my gear. I had a hand full of people trying to help me from a number of countries it was a beautiful thing. I also worked on the video blogs. I wasn't discouraged at all. I actually pleaded with God. I felt He was forcing me to rest. I was praying telling Him I was ready to move on.
By the late afternoon I had made arrangements. As bad as I didn't want to I called a car service to pick me up at 10am the following morning to move me to North Carolina. After it was settled I laced up and walked another 5 hours praying for all my brothers and sisters on the row every step of the way.
Once I was back at the hotel I made arrangements for a hotel just across the border in Reidsville, North Carolina about 26 miles away. I had more than 26 miles walking credit so I was ok with the arrangements I had made. I did some more work at the hotel and then got some sleep seeing I wanted to get in some walking before I was to be picked up at 10 in the morning.

On this day I walked 4 George Skatzes Ohio Death Row.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 15 Walk 4 Life

The only thing that went right for me on day 13 was waking up early enough to catch a glimpse of this cloud. It was very powerful. I couldn't find support from Danville, VA across the border into North Carolina. I was stuck. I didn't want to fall behind on miles so I got up before sun up and walked 15 miles then turned around and headed back to my hotel. I did get to cross the border into NC seeing it was only 7 miles away. I then got on the phone looking for a way to move my gear ahead. I really thought that by this point things would be going smoother but, they weren't.

I took advantage of the time I had and caught up on the video blogs, contacted press, wrote some and prayed a whole lot. I held tight to my faith. I wasn't going to let anything shake my faith.

By the time I was near passing out I still hadn't made a connection with anyone so I did what I was trying to avoid at all costs; I called and reserved for a car service to pick me up early and drive me and my gear ahead into NC. With that done I tried to get some sleep.

As I lay there trying to sleep I thought of all the brothers I left behind when I got out of prison as I often do. Most won't be coming home anytime soon, some will never come home. I also thought about all the brothers and sisters on the row. It drives me crazy how prisoners are treated worst then animals in prison, I'm not exaggerating. Here in America they capture wild animals and keep them captive in environments close to their natural habitats. It's all artificial but they try to make it as close to the real thing as possible. For prisoners it's the complete opposite. They literally go out of their way to make your life a living hell. People for some reason think that prison should be a place of torment when nowhere does it say in the law books that prisoners are to be subjected to less the human conditions. Hell being removed from existence, from your family, your spouse is a punishment nobody will understand till they themselves live through it. To make matters worse, most guards take it upon themselves to make your time behind bars 100 times worse than it already is. Some guards are extremely cruel, making some prisoners lash out violently. I believe this is exactly what they want because then they don't feel so guilty keeping their own brothers and sisters in cages.

The dehumanization one goes through in prison to me is torture, there is no other way to put it. Having the name your parents gave to you taken away like the slaves back in the day was something I had a big problem with. I did time in the hole (Solitary) many times for refusing to answer to 305375. They tried beating it into my brain. This is just one of many factors in the dehumanization process. This is what the prisoner dedications is all about. For a day I bring their name out, their picture if I can. I want everyone to know these are humans the state are killing; not numbers, not monsters but sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers. Many people will say well they are getting what they deserve. Let me tell you, if we all got what we deserved, there would be no one left walking this planet. I think it's time we all stop pointing our fingers and start taking social responsibility, but that's just me talking. I myself made a lot of wrong choices in life, but in truth I didn't have many options at the time. It takes a village to raise a child.

Meeting with high school students involved in future leaders program in Maryland. Each one teach one!

On this day, I walked for Woody Wilson - CA death row
Michael Morales - CA death row.

Day 14 Walk 4 Life

Day 12 was a good day. I was joined by the Blankenship family. Annette Blankenship had contacted by e-mail first. Her husband Donald had stopped on the front lines the day before to drop off water and juice. I mentioned him nameless earlier seeing I am terrible keeping names straight. Anyway this morning I began walking as the sun was coming up. The sun roasted me the day before so I wanted to get a good 10 to 15 miles head start early in the morning. Annette was on her way from I believe near 100 miles away not sure but it was a distance. She was gonna pick me up, to then go get my gear from the hotel to move it on to the next stop.
Before Annette reached me I had somehow made a wrong turn walking about 2 miles out of my way. I was walking at traffic so Annette could see me so I could read the sign's. I got off the road an slipped into an Exxon station and called Annette to pick me up there. While I was waiting I had a great talk with the woman working behind the counter who agreed with me 100% on the death penalty issue. She was great peoples, she fed a soldier a sandwich and coffee on the house. Bless her. I gave her a Stop Execution button and moved on.
Annette found me and we sure enough went and got my stuff from my hotel room. She was joined by her son Jeffery and his step grandma. Small army put we packed a lot of power.
We first drove some 40-50 miles and found me my next hotel in Danville, VA I couldn't find support out in these neck of the woods. Anyway after I checked in and dropped of my stuff, we hit the road.
I had about 15 miles already giving myself credit for the miles I strayed off, now Annette's son Jeffery was ready to walk the next 10 with me. Jeffery is 17 a high school student. He wants to be a professional wrestler. I think that is fantastic. He is young and already working hard towards his dream. I hope I get free tickets when he makes the big times, cause I have no doubt he will get there, just like he got to the end of 10 miles up 2 huge hills.
It was great walking with Jeffery, he talked non-stop even when he was out of breath. He was funny and just had great energy. After like 2 miles we came up to a hill. Not steep but hella-long, about 3 miles. I thought I was going to lose Jeffery a couple of times but for the most part he did not slow me down at all. He kept up the pace jogging at times to catch up. Just as we reached the 10 mile mark, we hit hill number 2. Not as steep as the first, but to us it looked like mount Everest. Jeffery was running out of gas, but he didn't stop till I said it was 10 miles. After that, it was hard to get him up to even get in the car. 10 miles at 3.5 miles an hour is serious, up hill is insane. Jeffery Blankenship. A true soldier fighting on the front lines of the struggle.
I have to mention that Jeffery's grandma and Annette were doing roadside. At one point they stopped to give us water. We were paid a visit by 3 sheriff's cars along the road side. This was classic. As the first officer arrived he pulled right up to me in the shoulder. I was holding a sign END The Death Penalty NOW. It was like right in his face. He got out of the car smiling along with his posse. I paid them compliments, their hats that is. They wore wide brim hats that could keep 5 people out of the rain. Anyway they stopped smiling when I explained what I was walking for. They said just stay out of every ones way. I was like ahhh ok. I have nothing bad to say. They ran Annette's plate, checked her license and drove off one at a time.
The last of our friends leaving the scene. Virginia's finest on highway 29-S.
After our little pow-wow grandma and Jeffery took over on the roadside and Annette walked the next trek with me. The road was busier reaching into Danville, VA so we walked with signs. Hundreds seen our opinion. We walked and talked and kept up the pace without problem.
The day went well, they always do when I am joined by other soldiers willing to make that sacrifice. I am so grateful for the Blankenship family. After a number of miles we took some photo's as we spread the word, bid our goodbyes and I walked the last 10 or so miles solo, reaching my hotel after sun down. On this day I walked for Carol King - PA - Female on death row.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 11 Walk 4 Life

On day 11 things started to get a little tough. I had no one to help me at all. I went from wanting road side assistance, to just wanting someone to move my gear from point A, to point B that's it. I don't like not having anyone at all to help seeing it is hard to film footage and carry material to put out there and just watch my back. But I threw all that out the window. I just wanted the gear to be moved. I have a lot of gear because I want to be as effective as I possibly can. Anyway, one thing is for sure, there was no turning back no matter what.

I owe many thanks to Sonia Keiner Flynn who had already went far beyond the call of duty. This woman is amazing. She is an activist who does not believe in the death penalty, but she is not a part of any abolition organization. She just believes in human rights. She values human life and has compassion that is rare. She had done so much for me and for this movement already, but she still gave more.

Sonia drove deep into Virginia where I was from Maryland after working all day at the University of Maryland to help me move my gear onto the next spot. This is the kind of sacrifice and dedication I am talking about. This type of dedication and sacrifice is what is needed to win this war we are fighting. Saying thank you just isn't enough for what Sonia has donated to this walk. May God bless her. We need more people like her for sure.

After booking me a hotel room she dropped me off on the road and I proceeded to walk as she drove back to Maryland to go to work. To top it off Sonia stayed on the phone trying to get me help for the following day which she found.

I left the hotel just after sun up leaving all my gear at the hotel which was picked up by Bob Covert an amazing professor from the university of Virginia. Bob picked up my stuff like clock work. Keep in mind neither Sonia or I have ever met this man in person. She knew of him because his reputation proceeded him and I found out just why.

As I walked Bob called me on my cell phone and told me he might stop by on the highway I was walking just to say hello. As I was walking a car pulled over. Thinking it was the professor I walked up to the car. All I knew was that Bob had a beard. When I walked up to the car this brother sure enough had a beard but not a thick one or anything but yea I thought it was Bob, but it wasn't. This guy was actually the husband of Annette Blankenship a supporter I had been speaking with via e-mails. He worked in the area and decided to stop by and say hello and drop me off some water and a bottle of juice. He was cool as hell. As he took my picture another car pulled up behind him. Annette's husband bid his goodbye's and walked back to meet Bob Colvert. Now Bob surely had a beard that reached near to his chest, nicest guy for real. He had all my gear and told me he was happy to meet me. We talked for a few then he took off for work assuring me he would pick me up after he got out of work. I then began walking into the mountains of Virginia. Let me tell, thank God Annette's husband brought me that water and juice because up in them mountains there was nothing but tree's and long stretches of highway.

I will never forget this day because the highway made for tough walking. At times the shoulder I was walking on was only about 10 inches wide. Big trucks screaming by on my left, and like a three story drop to my right; talk about walking with faith. These trucks were so close the wind they created nearly took me off my feet.

After hours of walking like clock work Bob pulled up and picked me up. As I said we had never met yet he offered me a place to stay for the night which was greatly appreciated. This is the kind of support I prayed for from the beginning. I did not want to waste money on hotels though I knew some nights it could not be avoided.

Professor Bob Covert lived up on top of a mountain. The view was breath taking I couldn't believe it. He lived in a small house that sits on like 60 acres of land. He not only let me spend the night, he cooked me an amazing meal. Cornish game hen with all the fixings. We sat up for hours just talking on an array of topics. I learned a lot from this man who told me he would love to have me come back to speak at the university of Virginia one day. He also told me if ever in the area I have a place to stay, simply an amazing human being.

The next morning Bob drove me and my gear some 30 miles ahead from where he had picked me up where I booked a hotel and dropped my stuff off. He then drove me back and dropped me off for my day of walking.

The Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.

On this 11th Day I walked for Anthony Nealy - In memoriam - executed by TX in 2007

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 10 Walk 4 Life

Day ten was filled with blessings. First I was met by Illana Naylor early in the morning as I set out for my day of walking. This is one amazing woman. Part of the VADP Illana had just gotten off work. She is a nurse and had worked the night shift. For having just worked all night she was filled with energy. I was feeding off her energy without a doubt because let me tell you, it was good energy, a pure energy that can only come from love the most powerful energy in the world.
Illana didn't hesitate to jump in front of the camera with me where she told me she was an activist for as long as she could remember. She then proceeded to present me with a check to help fund the walk. She explained that she wanted to walk with me a bit, but would only be able to for 15 minutes seeing she had a meeting that she needed to attend. Well instead she chose to just go to her meeting to then catch up with me afterwards so that she could spend more than 15 minutes walking with me. She stated this would be if her energy held up. I have to confess, I had no doubt that she would be back. After she took off I began walking.
As I walked along I seen this older gentleman getting his morning paper out of his mailbox, this gave me an idea. See I had been giving out fliers with information on Justin Wolfe's case who is on death row in Virginia, I have done this for a number of prisoners. Anyway, I had a pocket full of fliers and began slipping them into peoples mailboxes, the ones holding the morning paper. I figured I would give the people of Virginia something to really read this morning. I placed them right in their morning papers. After a number of miles and dozens of mailboxes I was surprised by Terri Steinberg once again, she appeared out of nowhere like super woman.
Terri and I began walking and talking. I was telling her about Illana and the check. She asked how much it was for. I hadn't even looked so I reached into my pocket and realized I had lost the check. It fell out of my pocket as I was pulling fliers out. We turned around. This check could have been anywhere seeing I covered a number of miles. We walked back to Terri's car and she proceeded to drive me back a few miles. She then dropped me off and I began walking and searching for the check. It was kind of windy. With each gust of wind doubt tried to enter my mind but I rejected these negative thoughts. I then called on Terri and asked her to drive me up a couple of more miles keeping track so that she could return us where we had stopped and turned around. I then got out and began looking again. After about ten minutes after being dropped off the second time like I was being guided I found the check, yes it was a small miracle. That check could have been blown deep into the woods but there it sat waiting for me to find it. God is good.
We returned to where we stopped and turned around and started walking 4 life once again. After a few miles Illana showed up with a big smile and a hand full sandwiches. For someone that worked all night, then went on to a meeting man she was still beaming with energy. She had no problem keeping up with me as she carried a big sign reading "Execution is not the Solution". I carried the sandwiches in my belly, yea I ate them so fast I didn't taste them till the next day.
The road we walked on was pretty dangerous, there was no shoulder really big trucks flew past us. About three different people stopped and asked if we needed a ride as we tackled this road. I was surprised by this actually people just stopping, yea but it was nice made me realize that there are good people out here, everywhere if you take the time to notice.
After a hand full of miles Terri and Illana had to part. I hated to see them go but in truth I knew they would be with me for the rest of my journey. Angels do walk the earth.
After saying our see you laters I hit the road with Bill Pelke near by doing roadside. Though this road was dangerous the sights where beautiful. I took a lot of pictures as I walked this day, I also prayed a lot as always. When I got to about the 20 mile mark I walked up on Bill who was waiting for me near a 7-11. I took a break here. Bill had told me he spoke to a woman inside 7-11 about what we were doing. I went in and of course added to it explaining in a little more detail. It was great Bill filmed everything after asking if it was ok to do so. I try to enlighten people everywhere I step, this is what it's all about.

Talking about the walk inside 7-11 somewhere in Virginia.

It was a great day, but the ending was a little sad for me. After speaking at the local 7-11 Bill drove ahead and booked a hotel for me and dropped my gear off, it was about 15 miles or so up the highway. He then came back and gave the the key and we then said our see you laters. After a hand full of days my comrade had to leave, it was time for Bill to head back to Alaska.
Bill made this part of my journey everything it was. He did road side, stayed on the computer and cell phone he had my back like the Lord has my back for real. What this man brings to the struggle can't be put into words, the sacrifices, the dedication and his drive. We need more like Bill Pelke in this struggle. I raise my fist in honor of my brother. Thanks is not enough for what Bill brought to this walk. May God bless him.

On this 10th day I walked for Lee Taylor- Texas Death row.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 9 Walk 4 Life

I learned a lot on day nine of my walk. I learned that Virginia kills its own citizens at a rate almost as alarming as Texas. VA is number two when it comes to state murder. Prince Williams county is the Harris county of Virginia. Harris county is the most notorious county in the country when it comes to sending young men to their death in Texas. I also learned humans are executed faster in VA compared to other states seeing they have done away with two stages of the appeals process. They have also abolished parole. That's crazy and scary at the same time.
I was once again joined by Terri Steinberg. Let me tell you this is one amazing woman. The love she has for her son is incredible. How the state of Virginia can so coldly ignore the truth in this case makes me want to take more action than just walking let me tell you. I can so identify with her son Justin's situation. At one point in my life the state wanted to remove me from society so badly they did what ever they felt they needed to do to send me to prison. I sold weed just as Justin did. But to send him to death row is just insane.
For the average citizen Justin's case may be difficult to comprehend, but for me, I know this system all to well. I once trusted our system just as Justin did when he turned himself in to clear his name. What I witnessed was an officer of the law sit on the witness stand and boldly lie. A prosecutor that had a heart colder than any convicted murderer I have ever known. I see the injustice in Justin's case so clearly. I pray with all my might the right person looks into this case and takes serious action. I hope that everyone that reads this looks into this case and gets involved.
This walk is only the beginning for me, I am going to fight till no end. Like Martin Luther King I have a dream. I have a dream to live in a society that respects life. A society that values life, that builds lives up instead of destroying them. Killing is wrong no matter what but how can we expect killing to seize on our streets if our leaders themselves are cold blooded murderers. I have a dream that the people will finally wake up and rise up to be heard. I have a dream that every small town, city and state I walk into I am met by masses protesting this barbaric act.
They say they serve and protect but I see the opposite. They seek and destroy and what makes this even more insane is that people condone this. How can I not believe every word written in the Holy Bible when the story of Jesus continues to play out like re-runs on Nick at night. I have a dream that everyone that reads this will be filled with compassion so much so that they move into action for time is running out.
I walk ignoring all pain for I know if we are not heard right NOW, in a matter of weeks the killing will begin again. If we are not heard NOW, the killing will start again at a rate like we have never seen. The number of state murders will rise faster and higher than gas and food prices. Look at the anguish in Terri's face in the picture above. If you can ignore that I don't know what to say because I can not. For those that think I ignore the victims of murder you do not know me for I am walking for victims and future victims. The streets should be flooded with protest for if you ignore this you may just as well be a part of the madness. Please be a part of my dream and not this American nightmare. Pray for peace. Pray 4 Peace.

This how is Texas cares for our children. They spend billions of dollars on prisons, while 250,000 children in Texas don't even have health care. I have walked alone on many days. I am hoping this changes. We need to be stopping traffic across the country!!!!

I walked 4 Bennie Price on this day.

Day 8 Walk 4 Life

Day 8 started out in downtown Washington DC about 6 blocks from the white house at the offices of the National Coalition to Abolish The Death Penalty. I can't tell you what an honor it was to stop in and meet other soldiers fighting on the front lines for true justice. At one time years ago when I first thought of fighting for prisoners rights I honestly thought I stood alone. Slowly it was revealed to me that I wasn't alone.
After seven days of walking this visit is exactly what I needed; it was very empowering for me. I was not just introduced to everyone vigorously fighting against the death penalty I was given important material to use while on my personal quest to educate and enlighten people on the injustices going on here in America. I urge everyone that is against the death penalty to contact the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and register as an opponent no matter where you are located. Organizing in such a way is exactly what we need. I remember in the fight to abolish the death penalty in New Jersey I would receive e-mails letting me know exactly when to take action and what actions to take. From writing to local news editors, to writing senators. These organized actions is what defeated the death penalty in New Jersey. Even if you are not sure if you are for or against the death penalty contact the National Coalition I am positive they will supply you with information that is accurate and free of charge.
After proper introductions I was met by Bill Pelke of the Journey of Hope From Violence to Healing who would join me on the road for the next few days. Before hitting the streets Bill presented me with two checks to help fund the Walk 4 Life. The first was a donation from The Journey of Hope and the second from Alaskans Against The Death Penalty. I was just about ready to walk across the entire country after this meeting. Being only a couple miles from the Virginia border I was joined by Abe Bonowitz an honor in its self.

The crew at the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Thank you all!

Before setting out to cross the Potomac River, Abe presented me with something that without question was one of the biggest honors in my life to date. He loaned me a walking stick for the next few days. This wasn't just an ordinary walking stick, this walking stick had a very significant history.

This walking stick belonged to Sam Reese Sheppard. SAM REESE SHEPPARD is the son of the late Dr. Sam H. Sheppard and Marilyn Reese Sheppard. In 1954, Dr. Sheppard was accused and wrongfully convicted in the brutal murder of his pregnant wife, Marilyn. The Sheppard murder case, now more than 54 years old and never officially closed or properly investigated, is one of the most well known criminal cases of this century. It was the basis for a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision (Maxwell v. Sheppard), as well as numerous film and television programs, including "The Fugitive."
I had no prior knowledge of Sam Sheppard before meeting Abe Bonowitz. See Sam did some amazing walking himself. I am walking for life, Sam walked for justice. You can learn more about these walks for justice at the following site:
I will tell you that walking stick gave me a lot of power. I prayed for Sam non stop as I carried this stick. Thank you Abe, and thank you Sam.

The walking stick that Sam Reese Sheppard used to walk from New Orleans to Boston to promote nonviolence.

Getting ready to cross the Potomac into Virginia with Abe Bonowitz, my comrade, my mentor my friend.
On this 8th day I walked for Mark Scott Thornton.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walk 4 Life Day 7 Washington DC

Day seven was something else. I crutched my way from Maryland into DC. I was in pain but wasn't going to let that stop me. My peoples Sonia worked roadside which made things easier. She's been amazing for real.In DC we met up with Terri Steinberg mother of death row prisoner Justin Wolfe, exonerated death row prisoner Shujaa Graham and murder victim family member Bill Pelke. This meeting was powerful and very emotional. While we stood near the Washington monument filming and talking Terri's son Justin called from death row talk about timing.After speaking top Justin we all went out to lunch to discus the next few days of the movement. It was a great meeting for me seeing I have worked with Shujaa and Bill before and hadn't seen them in some time. Bill actually flew in from Alaska to join me on the walk. This type of dedication and drive is what I needed for sure. Bill and his organization The Journey of Hope From Violence to Healing were a major inspiration for me in doing the Walk 4 Life.Shujaa what can I say, from the first time I met him we just clicked. I have mad respect for Shujaa, death row survivor.Terri won my heart and respect from the door. This woman is courageous to say the least it was an honor to meet her and fight in the struggle by her side. I plead for everyone to look at Terri's situation. Her son Justin is sitting on death row while the actual shooter is serving a 30 plus year sentence. He got this sentence in return for turning states witness against Justin. How this injustice has not been corrected is beyond me. You can read up more on Justin's case at Please get involved. Peace and progress. "X"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 6 Walk 4 Life. University of Maryland

I was hurting on day six, but it didn't slow me down any. I had a day full of actions waiting for me set up by my confidant, my dear friend Sonia of Poetic Images. The day started off at LaPlata Beach on campus of the University of Maryland. I got to perform a couple of songs then speak to 150-200 high school students involved in a future Leaders program. I felt this to be vital. To hand the truth over to these young men and women that have already dedicated themselves to becoming our future leaders. Everyone at this event agreed that the death penalty has no place in a civilized society.
Here I was joined by Bill Pelke of the Journey of Hope. Bill flew all the way from Alaska to join me for a few days on the walk. He was joined by Abe Bonowitz of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Issac Bonowitz and Beth Wood. I met a lot of great people. The support was amazing.
As the sun started to go down, DJ RBI of WPFW 89.3 FM/Pacifica Radio started to pump up the sounds at the Nyumburu Amphitheater. A host of student emcess and poets came together to perform, support and help spread the word. Performers ranged from high school students to Source Magazines Unsigned Hype Akir Viper/Koch Records. The energy was high, it was just the medication I needed to prepare me for my Journey of Hope.
After party was at WMUC FM 88.1 Beauty and the Beatbox hosted by Cybille Ciel was off the chains. I got to perform a couple songs and then talk about the walk and the cause live on the air and for the 20 or so students that had gathered inside the studio. It was very powerful I am grateful to have had such a positive day for the movement. I was amongst hundreds of people all day and did not meet one pro-death penalty opinion. So why do we still kill our own citizens? It's time to organize people.
This day for me was really important. I wanted to make a big impact on Maryland because they are so close to following New Jersey and doing away with this barbaric act. We need to continue to apply pressure. I urge everyone to contact Abe Bonowitz The Director of Affiliate Support National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty on how to register, organize and get involved in the movement.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 5 Walk 4 Life. Annapolis, MD

This here is just one of the reasons I walked so hard the first couple of days. This is why I didn't let shin splints slow me down. I actually wasn't supposed to arrive in Annapolis till the fifth, but when they offered me the chance to speak at the Stanton Community Center on the forth, I told them I would be there. They asked how and I told them I will walk faster. Little man in the picture with me made every bit of pain I went through worth it.
I spoke to a room full of kids and parents. I am not some amazing speaker, I just share all the wrong choices I made in life hoping people listen so they won't make the same ones. I did a little accapella and that about it. It meant a lot to me because I came from the projects. My pops did bust his back side to get us up out of there but I ended up back in the projects.
Talk about walking 4 life, I pray Micheal there in the picture took what I said to heart and fights for his community. Places like Clay street where little man lives is where authorities go to find occupants to fill prison cells. Yea including the ones on death rows.
The evening was in remembrance of Martin Luther King. A film based in these times was the main event of the evening. You're going to have to look it up but trust me it's worth it.
I was watching the film and little man snuck up to me and said "you did a great job" and then he gave me a little bear hug. I never met him before but let me tell you now I love this kid like a brother. By the end of the evening me and Michael were homeboys without question. I will be returning to spend more time with him. I wanna do all I can to make sure the state of Maryland keeps they hands of him. I love kids so any time I get asked to work with kids I drop everything and I am there. It takes a village to raise a child is my favorite saying because it's so true. If we as a people would stop being so dependant on those that oppress us, imprison us and even kill us and we came together maybe there wouldn't be so many brothers and sisters sitting on death row. We need each other but for some strange reason we have forgotten this.
I have to thank brotha Zastrow who was in the house and of course my brotha Timmy Grins for making this happen. Don't get it twisted this event had everything to do with the Walk 4 Life. I got to tell the 150 some odd peoples there what I was doing. They all seemed to agree with me on the death penalty. There was a lot of love up on Clay street. Enough to gas me up for day six. Word up, I could still feel little mans arms squeezing me. I feel like I was touched by an angel. Yea; I was. Peace love and progress.
Howard Neal - MS death row (on death row for 28 years)
Sammy Capers - CA death row. I walked for these brothas, prayed for these brothas and will continue to do so.

Day 4 Walk 4 Life

Day 4 was tough, it was the first day I walked alone without roadside assistance. It was tough because like after being dropped off where I stopped the night before a few miles into Maryland, I began to walk in what I thought was the wrong direction after about a mile and a half. I turned around only to realize I was going the right way, it was not a good way to start, but I just thought of my welcome the night before.
After loading up my gear in his car Malprak finished his day at work and scooped me up. I don't get to see mt brotha as often as I would like to so it was great to him. He was great. He grabbed us some dinner on the way to house. He loaded me up with carbs for the next day and we hung out with some of buddies. We were later joined by my dear friend Sonia who had set up some events for me at the University of Maryland coming up on day 5 of the walk. It was a great evening.
I walked alone but Malprak check on me every couple of hours as did Sonia and a host of others. I just zoned my thoughts on all the prisoners on death row. I know all to well how it feels to be locked in a cage. I prayed non stop for Norman Parker Florida Death row. I also thought of the children I was on my way to meet in Annapolis, Maryland where my good friend Tim, Malprak's brother had set up an event for me. I was determined to reach my destiny. See I needed to get to Annapolis a day earlier than I first planned. I had to walk in double time.
At one point I was walking along route 40 and an older gentleman pulled over and offered me a ride. I told him thank you but I am walking to Texas to bring attention to the death penalty. He said God bless you son and drove off. I then noticed that he pulled over again. I walked up to him and he reached out handing me a ball of money. He said, get yourself something to drink son and God bless you. I was near tears as I said God bless you back and he drove off. I didn't even look at how much he gave me till I got to a little convenience store where I bought a snack and something to drink. It was eleven dollars bless him. Not long after I left that store I came upon a bridge I was not allowed to walk over. I had to get a cab. The cabbie charged me five dollars to cross the bridge and I tipped him a dollar. With the drink and snack I bought, the cab ride and tip it came out to, yea, eleven dollars. God is something else. More later. Peace and God bless.
Norman Parker - Florida Death row. Keep ya head up!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Capital-"X" visits the White House?

OK, today I rolled out of MD I am heading towards Washington DC on Route 295 South to 50 West. After reaching DC about 2pm I will take a break to meet up with my friend Bill Pelke from The Journey of Hope From Violence to healing. After a little break, I will begin walking toward VA on the following route:

Total Est. Time: 6 hours, 24 minutes Total Est. Distance: 246.58 miles
1: Start out going EAST on E ST NW toward ELLIPSE RD NW. <0.1 miles
2: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ELLIPSE RD NW. 0.3 miles
3: Turn LEFT to stay on ELLIPSE RD NW. 0.1 miles
4: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CONSTITUTION AVE NW / US-50. 0.4 miles
5: Turn LEFT onto HENRY BACON DR NW. 0.1 miles
6: Turn RIGHT onto LINCOLN MEMORIAL CIR SW. 0.1 miles
7: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto ARLINGTON MEMORIAL BRIDGE. 0.5 miles
8: Enter next roundabout and take 1st exit. 0.2 miles
9: Merge onto US-50 W (Crossing into VIRGINIA). 15.5 miles
10: US-50 W becomes LEE HWY / US-29 S. 5.6 miles
11: Turn LEFT onto OLD CENTREVILLE RD. 0.4 miles
12: Turn LEFT onto CENTREVILLE RD / VA-28 S. Continue to follow VA-28 S. 29.6 miles (Here along VA 28 South)
13: Turn LEFT onto JAMES MADISON HWY / US-15 S / US-29 S. 13.1 miles
14: Take the US-522 / VA-3 ramp toward CULPEPER / FREDERICKSBURG. 0.2 miles
15: Turn LEFT onto US-522 S / VA-3 E / GERMANNA HWY. 0.4 miles
16: Turn RIGHT onto ZACHARY TAYLOR HWY / US-522. 3.4 miles
17: Turn RIGHT onto RAPIDAN RD. 13.1 miles
18: RAPIDAN RD becomes E MAIN ST. 0.8 miles
19: Turn LEFT onto US-15 / S MADISON RD. 0.2 miles
20: Turn LEFT onto US-15 / CAROLINE ST / VA-20. Continue to follow US-15 S. Pass through 1 roundabout. 60.3 miles
21: Turn RIGHT onto US-60 W / JAMES A ANDERSON HWY. 7.7 miles
22: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto VA-24 / HOWE FLOOD HWY. Continue to follow VA-24. 19.0 miles
23: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto VA-131 / UNION BLVD. 0.2 miles
24: Turn LEFT onto US-460 BR / CONFEDERATE BLVD / VA-131. Continue to follow US-460 BR / CONFEDERATE BLVD. 0.6 miles
25: Turn RIGHT onto N CHURCH ST. 0.5 miles
26: Turn LEFT onto EVERGREEN AVE. 0.2 miles
27: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto EVERGREEN ST. 0.3 miles
28: EVERGREEN ST becomes VA-727. 9.8 miles
29: VA-727 becomes RED HOUSE RD. 0.9 miles
30: Turn RIGHT onto LAWYERS RD. 0.9 miles
31: Turn LEFT onto SUGAR HILL RD. 9.3 miles
32: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WICKLIFFE AVE / VA-40. 3.1 miles
33: Turn RIGHT onto LYNCHBURG AVE / VA-40. <0.1 miles
34: Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST. 0.5 miles
35: Turn LEFT onto LUSARDI DR / US-501 / VA-40. Continue to follow US-501 / VA-40. 1.2 miles
36: Turn RIGHT onto STAGE COACH RD / VA-40. Continue to follow VA-40. 12.6 miles
37: Turn LEFT onto HERMOSA RD. 0.5 miles
38: Turn RIGHT onto WHITE FALL RD. 3.2 miles
39: Turn LEFT onto RICEVILLE RD. 4.0 miles
40: RICEVILLE RD becomes JAVA RD. 5.7 miles
41: JAVA RD becomes SPRING GARDEN RD. 10.2 miles
42: Turn LEFT onto US-29 S. 0.7 miles
43: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-29 BR S. 8.6 miles
44: Take the US-58-BR W ramp toward MARTINSVILLE. 0.1 miles
45: Merge onto US-58 BR W / RIVERSIDE DR. 0.3 miles
46: End at 3020 Riverside DrDanville, VA 24541-3425, US Total Est. Time: 6 hours, 24 minutesTotal Est. Distance: 246.58 miles

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 3 Walk 4 Life

It was still dark as I crossed into Delaware. My body was sore, it felt like I had been in a street brawl but the cold morning air made me forget about the pain and made me walk faster. I was determined to make it all the way through crossing the Maryland border, I did just that.

No one had chosen day 3 to dedicate to a prisoner so I dedicated it to Article 36 of the Vienna Convention which clearly has been violated in the case of Jose Medellin who sits on Texas death row.

Article 36 of the VCCR requires that foreign nationals who are arrested or detained be given notice "without delay" of their right to have their embassy or consulate notified of that arrest. The notice can be as simple as a fax, giving the person's name, the place of arrest, and, if possible, something about the reason for the arrest or detention. The police must fax that notice to the embassy or consulate, which can then check up on the person.

This blatant violation of Article 36 actually effects about 54 prisoners in the US. I think a lot of people are over looking some very important factors here. If we as a country do not honor the VCCR how could we expect any other country to honor it. A US citizen in the future can wind up in a similar situation in some foreign country. I in truth don't understand why the United States refuses to honor the Vienna Convention. Some of these men may very well be innocent and how can we as a country put men to death for not upholding our laws while at the same time not uphold international law. Everyone should look into this as I am still in the process of doing so. Also support those that are collecting signatures to be presented to the US Supreme Court.

Driving through Delaware has always been a joking matter. Blink your eyes and you will miss it. Trust me this is not the case when it comes to walking. The terrain wasn't as bad as day two and the sun did peek through for a little while but it was still rather cool which was ok with me seeing the hot sun is coming.
About halfway through my day of walking I hit a sidewalk detour, first time I had ever seen this. It took me through twists and turns in a neighborhood that was very quite. Therapist had no idea where I was for like an hour. When I finally surfaced back onto the main road I ran into a woman that asked me about the sign I was carrying. END THE DEATH PENALTY NOW. She also asked about my shirt, Support Article 36. I obliged by sharing what I had learned. I planted the seed and left it for God to water and supply sunshine for it to grow. I am confident that this sincere woman did in fact look up what was going on here in America.
Therapist then drove ahead of me to drop off my gear to my next guardian angel, Malprak of the hip hop crew Arcane in Baltimore City Maryland, my destination. I completed the day solo. Therapist was truly missed. He is a true soldier fighting on the Frontlines. Peace my brother, peace.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day Two, Walk for Life. April 1, 2008

Day two started with a 4:30am wake up. I was walking by 5am. I had only slept about 2 hours. The campaign to end capital punishment goes beyond the walk including writing this blog, putting together the video blogs, answering e-mails, doing interviews it's a full time job with plenty of over time.

I have to admit my body was sore, my feet were tender but I had to block all that out for this day I was walking for Brett Hartmann an innocent man on Ohio's death row. For sceptics reading this guilt or innocents has nothing to do with it, I am about forgiveness and preserving human life no matter what. I in truth only got to briefly read up on Brett's case but let me go beyond that, his family. Brett's family were with me in spirit as I walked, I could feel them. The amount of love they have for Brett is an inspiration alone.
For Brett his family sent me a custom shirt with his name on the back mine on the front very nice shirt. They also sent me like 5 packages of fliers to hand out bringing light to Brett's case. On top of that they made a donation and have written me a number of touching letters. I even got a letter from Brett. I have to say that yes the love involved here helped me get through day two.
There were a lot of hills on day two of the walk, not steep hills just long ones and I am talking one right after another. These are unforeseen things when you are looking at the map. Between the hills and stopping to tell people about Brett and the walk we didn't cover as much ground as day one, but we still managed to make our mark. Let me add the scenery was incredible. Once we were near the Delaware border there were some really breath taking scenes. My favorite was watching about a dozen white tail running through a field. I have never seen anything like it. It was really incredible.
My comrade Therapist did an exceptional job on the roadside assistance. I really wish he could stick around for the entire walk. We spoke to a lot of people. A quick stop at a Starbucks turned into a death penalty conference. I wanna say thank you to the people at Starbucks for the extra shot of espresso that got me through the last few miles.
I have to also thank everyone who called the radio stations in Maryland and Washington DC. The walk is growing by the day and I have it continues to grow. I pray more people get involved and that those already involved get more involved. This is how we will win this battle. Till next time. Peace and love, peace and love. "X"