Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 9 Walk 4 Life

I learned a lot on day nine of my walk. I learned that Virginia kills its own citizens at a rate almost as alarming as Texas. VA is number two when it comes to state murder. Prince Williams county is the Harris county of Virginia. Harris county is the most notorious county in the country when it comes to sending young men to their death in Texas. I also learned humans are executed faster in VA compared to other states seeing they have done away with two stages of the appeals process. They have also abolished parole. That's crazy and scary at the same time.
I was once again joined by Terri Steinberg. Let me tell you this is one amazing woman. The love she has for her son is incredible. How the state of Virginia can so coldly ignore the truth in this case makes me want to take more action than just walking let me tell you. I can so identify with her son Justin's situation. At one point in my life the state wanted to remove me from society so badly they did what ever they felt they needed to do to send me to prison. I sold weed just as Justin did. But to send him to death row is just insane.
For the average citizen Justin's case may be difficult to comprehend, but for me, I know this system all to well. I once trusted our system just as Justin did when he turned himself in to clear his name. What I witnessed was an officer of the law sit on the witness stand and boldly lie. A prosecutor that had a heart colder than any convicted murderer I have ever known. I see the injustice in Justin's case so clearly. I pray with all my might the right person looks into this case and takes serious action. I hope that everyone that reads this looks into this case and gets involved.
This walk is only the beginning for me, I am going to fight till no end. Like Martin Luther King I have a dream. I have a dream to live in a society that respects life. A society that values life, that builds lives up instead of destroying them. Killing is wrong no matter what but how can we expect killing to seize on our streets if our leaders themselves are cold blooded murderers. I have a dream that the people will finally wake up and rise up to be heard. I have a dream that every small town, city and state I walk into I am met by masses protesting this barbaric act.
They say they serve and protect but I see the opposite. They seek and destroy and what makes this even more insane is that people condone this. How can I not believe every word written in the Holy Bible when the story of Jesus continues to play out like re-runs on Nick at night. I have a dream that everyone that reads this will be filled with compassion so much so that they move into action for time is running out.
I walk ignoring all pain for I know if we are not heard right NOW, in a matter of weeks the killing will begin again. If we are not heard NOW, the killing will start again at a rate like we have never seen. The number of state murders will rise faster and higher than gas and food prices. Look at the anguish in Terri's face in the picture above. If you can ignore that I don't know what to say because I can not. For those that think I ignore the victims of murder you do not know me for I am walking for victims and future victims. The streets should be flooded with protest for if you ignore this you may just as well be a part of the madness. Please be a part of my dream and not this American nightmare. Pray for peace. Pray 4 Peace.

This how is Texas cares for our children. They spend billions of dollars on prisons, while 250,000 children in Texas don't even have health care. I have walked alone on many days. I am hoping this changes. We need to be stopping traffic across the country!!!!

I walked 4 Bennie Price on this day.

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