Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 16 Walk 4 Life

As I walk and make my way to the heart of America's murder machine God sends me signs. To many they may just be street signs or whatever but they are without question proof to me that God is walking with me. It's what I am thinking at the very moment I pass a sign like the one above there that makes it incredible to me. It is also where these signs are that makes all doubt disappear. God wanted this walk to take place. For those that don't believe in God it's ok, just know that a force greater than myself is driving me and many others in an incredible way and no matter the outcome a lot of good is coming from this walk.
On day 16 I was basically still stuck, needing someone to move my gear across the North Carolina border. I had worked until about 2am in the morning and still woke up at 4am. I laced up my sneakers and set out to pound the ground as my brother Sarge puts it. I walked for about 5 hours non stop about 18 miles ending back at the hotel where my gear was. I then got on my phone trying to find a way to move my gear. I had a hand full of people trying to help me from a number of countries it was a beautiful thing. I also worked on the video blogs. I wasn't discouraged at all. I actually pleaded with God. I felt He was forcing me to rest. I was praying telling Him I was ready to move on.
By the late afternoon I had made arrangements. As bad as I didn't want to I called a car service to pick me up at 10am the following morning to move me to North Carolina. After it was settled I laced up and walked another 5 hours praying for all my brothers and sisters on the row every step of the way.
Once I was back at the hotel I made arrangements for a hotel just across the border in Reidsville, North Carolina about 26 miles away. I had more than 26 miles walking credit so I was ok with the arrangements I had made. I did some more work at the hotel and then got some sleep seeing I wanted to get in some walking before I was to be picked up at 10 in the morning.

On this day I walked 4 George Skatzes Ohio Death Row.


K said...

Thank you so much for walking for George Skatzes

christyntruman06 said...

Your right, there is no stopping!!! EVery life is worth it!!