Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 10 Walk 4 Life

Day ten was filled with blessings. First I was met by Illana Naylor early in the morning as I set out for my day of walking. This is one amazing woman. Part of the VADP Illana had just gotten off work. She is a nurse and had worked the night shift. For having just worked all night she was filled with energy. I was feeding off her energy without a doubt because let me tell you, it was good energy, a pure energy that can only come from love the most powerful energy in the world.
Illana didn't hesitate to jump in front of the camera with me where she told me she was an activist for as long as she could remember. She then proceeded to present me with a check to help fund the walk. She explained that she wanted to walk with me a bit, but would only be able to for 15 minutes seeing she had a meeting that she needed to attend. Well instead she chose to just go to her meeting to then catch up with me afterwards so that she could spend more than 15 minutes walking with me. She stated this would be if her energy held up. I have to confess, I had no doubt that she would be back. After she took off I began walking.
As I walked along I seen this older gentleman getting his morning paper out of his mailbox, this gave me an idea. See I had been giving out fliers with information on Justin Wolfe's case who is on death row in Virginia, I have done this for a number of prisoners. Anyway, I had a pocket full of fliers and began slipping them into peoples mailboxes, the ones holding the morning paper. I figured I would give the people of Virginia something to really read this morning. I placed them right in their morning papers. After a number of miles and dozens of mailboxes I was surprised by Terri Steinberg once again, she appeared out of nowhere like super woman.
Terri and I began walking and talking. I was telling her about Illana and the check. She asked how much it was for. I hadn't even looked so I reached into my pocket and realized I had lost the check. It fell out of my pocket as I was pulling fliers out. We turned around. This check could have been anywhere seeing I covered a number of miles. We walked back to Terri's car and she proceeded to drive me back a few miles. She then dropped me off and I began walking and searching for the check. It was kind of windy. With each gust of wind doubt tried to enter my mind but I rejected these negative thoughts. I then called on Terri and asked her to drive me up a couple of more miles keeping track so that she could return us where we had stopped and turned around. I then got out and began looking again. After about ten minutes after being dropped off the second time like I was being guided I found the check, yes it was a small miracle. That check could have been blown deep into the woods but there it sat waiting for me to find it. God is good.
We returned to where we stopped and turned around and started walking 4 life once again. After a few miles Illana showed up with a big smile and a hand full sandwiches. For someone that worked all night, then went on to a meeting man she was still beaming with energy. She had no problem keeping up with me as she carried a big sign reading "Execution is not the Solution". I carried the sandwiches in my belly, yea I ate them so fast I didn't taste them till the next day.
The road we walked on was pretty dangerous, there was no shoulder really big trucks flew past us. About three different people stopped and asked if we needed a ride as we tackled this road. I was surprised by this actually people just stopping, yea but it was nice made me realize that there are good people out here, everywhere if you take the time to notice.
After a hand full of miles Terri and Illana had to part. I hated to see them go but in truth I knew they would be with me for the rest of my journey. Angels do walk the earth.
After saying our see you laters I hit the road with Bill Pelke near by doing roadside. Though this road was dangerous the sights where beautiful. I took a lot of pictures as I walked this day, I also prayed a lot as always. When I got to about the 20 mile mark I walked up on Bill who was waiting for me near a 7-11. I took a break here. Bill had told me he spoke to a woman inside 7-11 about what we were doing. I went in and of course added to it explaining in a little more detail. It was great Bill filmed everything after asking if it was ok to do so. I try to enlighten people everywhere I step, this is what it's all about.

Talking about the walk inside 7-11 somewhere in Virginia.

It was a great day, but the ending was a little sad for me. After speaking at the local 7-11 Bill drove ahead and booked a hotel for me and dropped my gear off, it was about 15 miles or so up the highway. He then came back and gave the the key and we then said our see you laters. After a hand full of days my comrade had to leave, it was time for Bill to head back to Alaska.
Bill made this part of my journey everything it was. He did road side, stayed on the computer and cell phone he had my back like the Lord has my back for real. What this man brings to the struggle can't be put into words, the sacrifices, the dedication and his drive. We need more like Bill Pelke in this struggle. I raise my fist in honor of my brother. Thanks is not enough for what Bill brought to this walk. May God bless him.

On this 10th day I walked for Lee Taylor- Texas Death row.


Associazione said...

this one really touched me... thanks for sharing.

Mamacita said...

Keep walking X! I have read your journals each day and have thought long and hard about your view. I never took the time to think if I was for or against it. You made up my mind: I am AGAINST the death penalty and will never endorse killing a human being for punishment of any crime! Thank you for your inspiration to make a difference!!