Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 3 Walk 4 Life

It was still dark as I crossed into Delaware. My body was sore, it felt like I had been in a street brawl but the cold morning air made me forget about the pain and made me walk faster. I was determined to make it all the way through crossing the Maryland border, I did just that.

No one had chosen day 3 to dedicate to a prisoner so I dedicated it to Article 36 of the Vienna Convention which clearly has been violated in the case of Jose Medellin who sits on Texas death row.

Article 36 of the VCCR requires that foreign nationals who are arrested or detained be given notice "without delay" of their right to have their embassy or consulate notified of that arrest. The notice can be as simple as a fax, giving the person's name, the place of arrest, and, if possible, something about the reason for the arrest or detention. The police must fax that notice to the embassy or consulate, which can then check up on the person.

This blatant violation of Article 36 actually effects about 54 prisoners in the US. I think a lot of people are over looking some very important factors here. If we as a country do not honor the VCCR how could we expect any other country to honor it. A US citizen in the future can wind up in a similar situation in some foreign country. I in truth don't understand why the United States refuses to honor the Vienna Convention. Some of these men may very well be innocent and how can we as a country put men to death for not upholding our laws while at the same time not uphold international law. Everyone should look into this as I am still in the process of doing so. Also support those that are collecting signatures to be presented to the US Supreme Court.

Driving through Delaware has always been a joking matter. Blink your eyes and you will miss it. Trust me this is not the case when it comes to walking. The terrain wasn't as bad as day two and the sun did peek through for a little while but it was still rather cool which was ok with me seeing the hot sun is coming.
About halfway through my day of walking I hit a sidewalk detour, first time I had ever seen this. It took me through twists and turns in a neighborhood that was very quite. Therapist had no idea where I was for like an hour. When I finally surfaced back onto the main road I ran into a woman that asked me about the sign I was carrying. END THE DEATH PENALTY NOW. She also asked about my shirt, Support Article 36. I obliged by sharing what I had learned. I planted the seed and left it for God to water and supply sunshine for it to grow. I am confident that this sincere woman did in fact look up what was going on here in America.
Therapist then drove ahead of me to drop off my gear to my next guardian angel, Malprak of the hip hop crew Arcane in Baltimore City Maryland, my destination. I completed the day solo. Therapist was truly missed. He is a true soldier fighting on the Frontlines. Peace my brother, peace.

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