Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walk 4 Life Day 7 Washington DC

Day seven was something else. I crutched my way from Maryland into DC. I was in pain but wasn't going to let that stop me. My peoples Sonia worked roadside which made things easier. She's been amazing for real.In DC we met up with Terri Steinberg mother of death row prisoner Justin Wolfe, exonerated death row prisoner Shujaa Graham and murder victim family member Bill Pelke. This meeting was powerful and very emotional. While we stood near the Washington monument filming and talking Terri's son Justin called from death row talk about timing.After speaking top Justin we all went out to lunch to discus the next few days of the movement. It was a great meeting for me seeing I have worked with Shujaa and Bill before and hadn't seen them in some time. Bill actually flew in from Alaska to join me on the walk. This type of dedication and drive is what I needed for sure. Bill and his organization The Journey of Hope From Violence to Healing were a major inspiration for me in doing the Walk 4 Life.Shujaa what can I say, from the first time I met him we just clicked. I have mad respect for Shujaa, death row survivor.Terri won my heart and respect from the door. This woman is courageous to say the least it was an honor to meet her and fight in the struggle by her side. I plead for everyone to look at Terri's situation. Her son Justin is sitting on death row while the actual shooter is serving a 30 plus year sentence. He got this sentence in return for turning states witness against Justin. How this injustice has not been corrected is beyond me. You can read up more on Justin's case at Please get involved. Peace and progress. "X"


christyntruman06 said...

I am right there with you!! I admire you in so many ways, U ARE THE MAN!!!!


lulu said...

I cant be with you in person but i can in spirit. I will pray with you on your journey