Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 24 I Stand Alone No More

Day 24 was like the continuation of day 23 without question. I woke up about 4am or so. Carol was leaving for work around 5am which was perfect for me. I made arrangements for my gear to be picked up so I could just get to pounding the ground as my brother from another mother Cleve "Sarge" Foster puts it. Carol took me to her job which was right up the road on the very highway I was to walk on. Yea when you tap into the heavenly Father's creativeness things just seem to fall into place perfectly. Carol works at Waffle House a place I knew well seeing I used to nearly live at Waffle House when I lived in Alabama back in the day. Carol introduced me to the crew as you see in the photo, they were great. They not only filled my belly with some good eats, they filled my heart with love and my spirit with joy.
I have this tattoo on my left leg I got when I was in prison. The letters I.S.A. which stands for I Stand Alone. It meant a lot back in my prison days for it was exactly how I felt. The tattoo is worn and faded and just doesn't look all that good. I believe it is because the meaning behind this piece is no more. I plan to have it re-worked. Under the I.S.A. I want it to read "NO MORE". God has went out of His way to prove to me that not only do I not stand alone anymore; He has shown me the proof that I in truth was never alone especially during my darkest loneliest moments. Yes God is alive and well, working non-stop on His day of rest.
After a great breakfast we took pictures and the crew gave me a send off that nearly had me in tears. Let me tell you on average I walk 3.5 miles an hour. Well leaving Waffle House I was walking so fast with a pep in my step I was surprised I didn't get pulled over and given a speeding ticket.
The plan was I was going to walk as far as I could till Shelly and Ginny caught up with me later in the day after picking up my gear. I was then going to be driven around to meet with others that wanted to meet with me. First on the list was Connie. Connie had been working tirelessly helping out the walk from afar since nearly the start of the walk. She works with The Journey of Hope and many other organizations. After speaking to her via e-mails and phone calls I was looking forward to finally meeting her in person. She had a full agenda for me so I was also excited about this.
Knowing my day of walking was going to be shorter than usual I kept up a good pace, I covered some good miles walking through I believe most of the busiest areas. At one point I did hit a highway where there was some traffic but it was moving past me at high speeds. I came to this bridge that had no shoulder. If I had road side assistance I would have asked to be driven passed this bridge but I didn't so I carefully proceeded to cross. Most cars whizzed by as if I wasn't even there except for one mini van. This mini van slowed down to a near dead stop passing by me slowly keeping other traffic at bay. Well I made it over the bridge and about a mile passed it a van pulled over about a hundred yards ahead of me. I proceeded towards it with caution. You just never know. When I reached the van an older gentleman asked if I needed a ride. Understand he was going in the opposite direction. I explained to him what I was doing. His eyes bugged out wide open. "That is amazing" he said. "I agree with your sign 100%" he also stated which read "End The Death Penalty NOW". This gentleman was the one that slowed down for me on the bridge blocking traffic. He exited and back tracked to offer me this ride. This had to take him nearly a half an hour to do just to offer me a ride. He said he was willing to take me where ever I needed to go he was so nice. We talked a bit and than he drove off, and I walked on after he wished me well.
Shelly and Ginny began calling me sometime after my encounter with another one of God's earthly angels watching over me. They were wondering where I was. I explained and they said they would reach me soon. They ended up calling a couple of more times not being able to find me. When they finally did reach me they were surprised how far I had walked, it was the Waffle House coffee in my tank.
It was nice to be in good company again understand these two women just had love and compassion all about them. In the cold world I have grown to know it's just rare, nice but yea very rare. As we rode Ginny was busy making up a poster to carry, getting ready to walk with me but as it happens often on the walk the plan changed. A local radio personality was looking to do an interview so that became our mission. Getting the word out, the truth is at the top of the list. Trying to reach all victims and future victims is the focus. Trying to unify all is the over all purpose regardless of what some may think this is what it's all about.
After countless phone calls trying to arrange everything Shelly and Ginny ended up dropping me off where Connie would pick me up. Ginny needed to pick up her kids and yea it's always about the kids. We planned to meet up at a later time if it was possible.
Connie picked me up after a bit, it was nice to finally meet her in person. She is a dear; a gentle angel filled with God's spirit I felt this right away. We proceeded to drive to meet up with Margaret who's son sits on death row in South Carolina.
After we met with Margaret we set out to the TV station where I was to be interviewed but it was re-scheduled for the next morning due to miscommunication. It was all for the better though seeing now time was made available to build with Margaret who was one incredible woman.

Connie from Journey of Hope and I.

On this day I walked, talked and worked for Chelsea Richardson (Female on Texas death row)

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