Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walk 4 Life First leg

Ok, here is the route for the first leg of the walk I’ll call it. I will be at the State house in Trenton by 4:45 am Monday March 31. I will start walking at 5:am. I will be walking on US Route 1 South. US Route 1 will actually take me all the way into Washington DC where I will be greeted by has put together an event for me in Washington DC, the details will be posted as they come in. This portion of the walk is approximately 163.70 miles. Here is the break down first leg from Trenton to Washington, DC:

1: Start out going WEST on W STATE ST toward TAYLOR PL. 0.3 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto CALHOUN ST (Crossing into PENNSYLVANIA). 0.2 miles
3: CALHOUN ST becomes E TRENTON AVE. 2.6 miles
4: E TRENTON AVE becomes US-1 BR S. 3.6 miles
5: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto MAPLE AVE / US-1 BR S. Continue to follow US-1 BR S. 4.1 miles
6: US-1 BR S becomes W LINCOLN HWY. 0.3 miles
7: W LINCOLN HWY becomes OLD LINCOLN HWY. 2.3 miles
8: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto LINCOLN HWY / US-1 S. Continue to follow US-1 S. 11.9 miles
9: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto W ROOSEVELT BLVD / US-13 S. Continue to follow US-13 S. 2.5 miles
10: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto W ALLEGHENY AVE. 0.4 miles
11: Turn RIGHT onto RIDGE AVE. 0.7 miles
12: Turn LEFT to take the ramp toward I-76 / LINCOLN DR / US-1 / CITY AVENUE. <0.1 miles
13: Take the ramp toward I-76- US-1 / CITY AVENUE. 0.4 miles
14: Merge onto CITY AVE E. 4.7 miles (FIRST DAY ENDS)
15: CITY AVE E becomes US-1 S. 4.5 miles
16: Take the SPROUL RD / PA-320 ramp toward SHOPPING CTRS. 0.1 miles
17: Turn LEFT onto W SPROUL RD / PA-320 S. 0.3 miles
18: Turn RIGHT onto BEATTY RD. 2.0 miles
19: Turn RIGHT onto E BALTIMORE PIKE. <0.1 miles
20: E BALTIMORE PIKE becomes E BALTIMORE AVE. 0.1 miles
21: Turn LEFT onto MANCHESTER AVE. 0.6 miles
22: MANCHESTER AVE becomes MANCHESTER RD. 0.4 miles
23: Turn LEFT onto E KNOWLTON RD. 3.3 miles
24: Turn RIGHT onto CONCORD RD. 2.2 miles
25: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto FOULK RD / PA-261 (Crossing into DELAWARE). 6.5 miles
26: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MURPHY RD. 0.7 miles
27: MURPHY RD becomes POWDER MILL RD / DE-141 S. 1.8 miles
28: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BARLEY MILL RD / DE-141 S. Continue to follow DE-141 S. 3.5 miles
29: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto FERRIS RD. 0.1 miles
30: Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the SR-2 W ramp toward NEWARK. 0.1 miles
31: Turn RIGHT onto ROBERT W KIRKWOOD HWY / DE-2 W / DE-41 N. Continue to follow DE-2 W. 7.2 miles (END DAY 2)
32: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto E MAIN ST / DE-2 BR W / KIRKWOOD HWY / ROBERT W KIRKWOOD HWY. Continue to follow DE-2 BR W. 2.6 miles
33: DE-2 BR W becomes ELKTON RD (Crossing into MARYLAND). 4.2 miles
34: ELKTON RD becomes MD-279. 1.7 miles
35: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto W PULASKI HWY / US-40 W. Continue to follow US-40 W. 46.0 miles (DAY 3 ENDS IN HERE)
36: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-40 W / ORLEANS ST. 1.4 miles
37: Turn LEFT onto N CENTRAL AVE. 0.3 miles
38: Turn RIGHT onto E LOMBARD ST. 1.3 miles
39: Turn LEFT onto S GREENE ST / MD-295 S. Continue to follow MD-295 S. 0.1 miles
40: Turn RIGHT onto WASHINGTON BLVD N. 20.2 miles (DAY 4 ENDS IN HERE)
41: WASHINGTON BLVD N becomes BALTIMORE AVE / US-1 S. 9.4 miles
42: Turn LEFT onto BALTIMORE AVE. 0.9 miles
43: Keep RIGHT at the fork to continue on BALTIMORE AVE. 0.1 miles
45: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MARYLAND AVE NE. 0.4 miles
46: Turn LEFT onto 11TH ST NE. 0.5 miles
47: Turn RIGHT onto NORTH CAROLINA AVE SE. 0.6 miles
48: NORTH CAROLINA AVE SE becomes D ST SE. 0.3 miles
49: Turn LEFT onto S CAPITOL ST SE / S CAPITOL ST SW. 0.3 miles
50: Turn RIGHT onto I ST SW. <0.1 miles
51: End at 10 I St Sw
Washington, DC 20024-4266, US
Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 33 minutes Total Est. Distance: 163.70 miles (DAY 5 Washington, DC)

There it is the first leg. I am still in need of a couple volunteers for this leg to help with tagging along, filming and contacting all media outlets on the route severely. All supporters are urged to come out. We continue to ask for donations please, to make this action a complete success. thank you. KEEP IT Loqed!

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