Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dedicated day's to prisoners, Walk 4 Life

We Are Still In Need of Donations if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The Following Day's Have Been Dedicated to Prisoners By Their Loved Ones. To dedicate a day to a loved one please contact us at projectrevolution2010@gmail.com Mark subject Prisoner dedication.

(If a prisoners name was removed it may be because they are not on death row. We were having some problems with some supporters on this matter please except our apologies.)


31.Mumia Abu-Jamal (PA)


1.Brett Hertmann (Ohio Death row)


3. Norman Parker - Florida Death row

4.Howard Neal - MS death row (on death row for 28 years)

Sammy Capers - CA death row

5.Joseph Barret (CA)


7.Mark Scott Thornton

8.Bennie Price

9. Lee Taylor- Texas Death row

10. Anthony Nealy - In memoriam - executed by TX in 2007

11. Anthony D.(NM)

12.Scott Collins (CA) San Quentin

13. Carol King - PA - Female on death row

14. Woody Wilson - CA death row

Michael Morales - CA death row

15. Glen S.(Alabama)

16.George Skatzes - Ohio

17.Gerald Marshall - death row Texas

18. Teresa Lewis - Virginia death row

19. Arthur Taylor

20.Rudy Medrano (Texas death row) - convicted under the Law of Parties

Michael Astorga (New Mexico)

21.Anthony Wiseman (Huntsville (Estelle Unite)

22.Rickey Roberts (Florida death row)

23.Chelsea Richardson (Female on Texas death row)

24.Gary Johnson (TX death row) - no family or friends

25. James Robinson Jr.(CA) San Quentin

Leon C. Cooper (CA death row)

26. Paul Reid - Tennessee death row

27. Frankie Harris - PA death row

28. Eric H - CA death row

29. Larry Rush (Been on Death Row 20 Yrs.)

30.William Irvan (TX death row)


1. Sean Running Eagle - Arizona death row

2.Kevin Watts (TX)

3.Barry Williams (CA) San Quentin

4. Alexander Martinez - In memoriam - executed in TX 2005 - volunteer

5. Paul H.(FL)

6.Jarvis Jay (MS)

7.Chuong Tong (TX death row)

8. Ken Taylor - Florida death row

9.Robert Poyson (Arizona death row)

10. Mustafa Raheem - Georgia death row

11. Richard "Nate" Simon (CA death row)

Albert Jones (CA death row)

Royal Clark (CA death row)

12.Carl Blue (TX death row)

13.Donny Leffingwell

14. Michael Yowell - Texas death row

Cleve Foster (Sarge) - Texas death row

15. Al Cunningham - CA death row

Bernard Nelson - CA death row

16.Frank Moore (TX death row)

17.Tracy Alan Hansen - in memoriam (executed by MS in 2002)

18. Juan Ramirez - Texas death row

19."Ghost" - Texas death row

20. Will Speer - Texas Death row

21. Bobby Lee Hines (Texas death row)

22. Orlando Romero - CA death row

Grayland Winbush - CA death row

23. Karl Chamberlain - Texas death row


Austin Texas.


Brett's Sister, Diane said...

April 1st should read "Brett Hartmann"

I think the picture of the young boy with the sign says so much...

~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

God Bless and Thank you.

K said...

Thank you so much for walking for George Skatzes. We appreciate it so much.

Also for Arthur Tyler too.

God Bless you Capital X.

Love and blessings Karen x

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really sorry for such a dumb question, but are the people on the list above sitll living, because I am trying to contact someone on the list, i read about him, and i really want to help him, and be there for him, but I'm not sure if he is still here. Thanks and sorry

Lesley said...

Thankyou for everyone who took part and supports those on DR. I write to Al Cunningham - he is a warm considerate human being.

Lesley (AUSTRALIA) x